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Thoran Paper Products is the pioneer of Paper Products Innovation in India and abroad. Thoran Paper Products are known for their quality, durability and the precision they come with. As a quality conscious organization, we ensure quality meets excellence in our output. We are the only primary paper food packaging manufacturer, supplier and exporter with a chain of four manufacturing facilities.

After years of intensive research and development, we’ve created a wide range of innovative products that are good for both your business and the environment. Our biodegradable primary food packaging is perfect for all the caterers, restaurants, cafes, takeaways and coffee shops that want to demonstrate their deep commitment to helping protect our environment. Our products are as per parameters of US FDA, BGVV laws and Elemental Chlorine Free(ECF) Board, this itself speaks volumes about the quality of our products.

We offer our range of products at prices that are sure to be competitive and within stipulated time frame. Every aspect of colour, design, shape, capacity, etc. of our disposable paper products can be customized to suit clients tastes and preferences.

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